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Welcome to Kenneth Jahn Lavrsen's Home Page

This website contains a description of who I am. It is old and ugly but suits its purpose

My life story.
If you want to know more about who I am then check this one out.

Love Story

My love story.

Saturday May the 3rd, 1997 I got married to Diane Chayer. Our love story is very special and a proof that love can happen across borders helped by the Internet.

Read our love story which includes pictures from our wedding.

My Curriculum Vitae. You can read my C.V. and download it as a PDF file

I have started to compose and play my own music.
I originally published my music at a site called iCompositions but the site closed
Now I host my music here on the site

I have been very active in open source software development. I was for years maintaining the projects Motion (camera motion detection) and Open2300 (weather station). And I am part of the development team of the Foswiki project

Kenneth Jahn Lavrsen