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The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple. That is Diane and I naturally. This song started by making some fun chord progression with several key changes. And then I bought Synthesizer V - a fantastic vocal synth software. And as I played with it making rubbish lyrics, the whole thing ended up with this result. Some background. When I do not make music, I automate things in our house. The geek! And the suitcase story goes back 10 years where Diane had been travelling and she woke in the middle of a nightmare where she dreamt that she had lost her suitcase. At the same time I played with music in Garageband on my iPad and the very first primitive song I did was called "Where is my suitcase?" which I never published. I hope you have as much fun listening to this as I had making it. The singers are Synth V voices Solaria and Kevin

Genre: Pop
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Lyrics: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 09 Nov 2023
Copyright: 2023


My man is a geek
Things that he makes
If he's awake
He's lost to this world
He automates everything
The house going bing
He is composing songs every night
He thinks he's a star

Diane is very smart
Her brain so huge
But it happens at night
She's getting confused
Waking up and gasping
Turning on light
She says she lost her suitcase
in the middle of the night

She's ga gagagaga
She is confused
She is very gaga ga gaga ga
She is confused
Kenneth wants to sleep

Suitcase's in the closet
Where it's always been
You're dreaming stupid dreams again
You silly woman
You silly woman

I love him so
Deep in my soul
My heart lost all control
And he is out of his mind
But he is perfect for me
Always so sweet
He is the best
Forget all the rest
He's all that I need

Ga gagagaga
She says that I am completely gaga
Going too far
With all my gadgets just growing

We still stick together
We were meant to be
We are the perfect couple
The perfect man
The perfect woman

We still stick together
We were meant to be
We are the perfect couple
The perfect man
The perfect woman, We!

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