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Affiliated Business

In the interest of users of Motion the project accepts arrangements with affiliated businesses that allows a business to offer discounts on their products for users of Motion in return for being allowed to advertice on this Wiki.

These are the conditions:

  • The products must be directly relevant to the Motion project. Accepted products are cameras, accessories for cameras, capture cards, USB cards, mounting mechanics for cameras and similar products. Anything else is considered spam and will be removed.
  • The affiliated business is allowed to create one topic on Motion describing their business, the discount given to Motion users and how to get it and links to the webpage of the business
  • The topic may only contain attached graphics with a total size smaller than 50 kbytes (because the Motion site runs on a private ADSL line). You can use external graphics that are larger (simply use the external URL to the graphical file)
  • The topic may not INCLUDE external urls as this loads the Foswiki server significantly
  • The business must accept that the topic belongs to the community and can and will be edited by community members. This also includes positive as well as negative feedback related to the business. If you run a proper business with proper customer service this should be to your advantage. You are not allowed to block the topic for editing by others.
  • This service is free of charge. The discount to community members is payment enough. There is no minimum limit to the size of the discount.
  • This Motion project is a volunteer royaltee free service with no funding and therefore cannot take any responsibility from damages caused by spammers and vandals

List of Businesses

  • Bluecherry - - 15% discount on capture cards when using MotionUser as coupon code

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