Motion - Config Option Database Type


  • Type: Discrete Strings
  • Range / Valid values: mysql, postgresql, sqlite3
  • Default: Not defined
  • Group: Database

Type of database used. Leave it undefined if you are not using databases, Type of database used. Leave it undefined if you are not using databases

Motion can be compiled with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite3 database support. When enabled Motion can be configured to add a record to a table in the database as specified by the sql_query. The query can contain the fields that are used and the value are given by using conversion specifiers for dynamic data like filename, time, number of detected pixels etc. Motion does not place any binary images in the database and it cannot remove old records.

Motion only adds records to the database when files are created. The database contains records of saved files which means to get a record in the database the feature that enables for example motion detection, timelapse, snapshots etc must be enabled. The sql_log options defines which types of files are logged in the database.
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