Motion - Config Option Ffmpeg Filename


  • Type: String
  • Range / Valid values: Max 4095 characters
  • Default: %v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S
  • Group: Obsolete

File path for motion triggered ffmpeg movies (mpeg) relative to target_dir.

This option was renamed to movie_filename in 3.2.5 to enable better integration of alternative movie libraries to the current ffmpeg solution.

Default value is equivalent to legacy 'oldlayout' option For Motion 3.0 compatible mode (directories based on date and time) choose: %Y/%m/%d/%H%M%S

File extension .mpg or .avi is automatically added so do not include this.

This option uses conversion specifiers which are codes that start by % and then a letter. The conversion specifiers used has the same function as for the C function strftime (3). The most commonly used are:
  • %Y = year
  • %m = month as two digits
  • %d = date
  • %H = hour
  • %M = minute
  • %S = second
  • %T = HH:MM:SS

These are unique to motion
  • %v = event
  • %q = frame number
  • %t = thread (camera) number
  • %D = changed pixels
  • %N = noise level
  • %i = width of motion area
  • %J = height of motion area
  • %K = X coordinate of motion center
  • %L = Y coordinate of motion center
  • %C = value defined by text_event

If you are happy with the directory structures the way they were in earlier versions of motion use %v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S for 'oldlayout on' and %Y/%m/%d/%H%M%S for 'oldlayout off'.
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