Motion - Config Option Ffmpeg Timelapse Mode


  • Type: Discrete Strings
  • Range / Valid values: hourly, daily, weekly-sunday, weekly-monday, monthly, manual
  • Default: daily
  • Group: Output - Movie

The file rollover mode of the timelapse video., The file rollover mode of the timelapse video.

Note that it is important that you use the conversion specifiers in ffmpeg_filename that ensure that the new timelapse file indeed is a new file. If the filename does not change Motion will simply append the timelapse pictures to the existing file.

The value 'Manual' means that Motion does not automatically rollover to a new filename. You can do it manually using the http control interface by setting the option 'ffmpeg_timelapse' to 0 and then back to your chosen value. Value 'hourly' rolls over on the full hour. Value 'daily' which is the default rolls over at midnight. There are two weekly options because depending on where you come from a week may either start on Sunday or Monday. And 'monthly' naturally rolls over on the 1st of the month.
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