Motion - Config Option Setup Mode


  • Type: Boolean
  • Range / Valid values: on, off
  • Default: off
  • Group: System Processing

Run Motion in setup mode. , Run Motion in setup mode.

When this option is turned on, Motion starts in setup mode so that the parameters can be set more easily. You can run setup mode in either console mode or daemon mode.

With 'motion -s' Motion runs in console mode instead of daemon. It outputs a lot of useful information for each frame from the camera. Each message is prefixed by [number] where number is the camera number (thread number). When you look at the webcam stream you see a black image with numbers. What you see is the number of changed pixels, number of labeled areas and noise setting. When something moves you see the pixels detected as Motion in black and white. The largest labeled area (assuming despeckle is enabled and with the 'l' at the end) is blue. It is only the blue areas which is counted as Motion. If smartmask is enabled you see this as red areas. Here is a suggestion how to initially setup Motion.

  • Disable despeckle (comment it out in motion.conf).
  • Disable smartmask
  • Enable both http control and webcam by setting port numbers. Example 8080 for control and 8081 for webcam.
  • Start Motion in setup mode
  • View the webcam stream. Either with Iceweasel or with Firefox by entering in the address of http://localhost:8080/
  • Open a new tab and connect to the http interface. http://localhost:8080/ . You can now control and change almost anything while Motion is running. To disable a feature enter a space.
  • Start by experimenting with noise level. Do this both during daylight and during darkness. You will be surprised to see how much noise a camera makes during night. Try using the automatic noise feature. It should work for most.
  • Now try the despeckle feature. Enable it using the recommended default EedDl. If this is not enough experiment. Remember that the l must be the last letter.
  • Set the threshold to what you want to trigger Motion.

In normal daemon mode you can use the same setting with two browser tabs and experiment with settings of the camera if needed. From the web interface you can ask Motion to write all your changes back to the config files (motion.conf and thread config files).
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