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Feature Request: MPEG in webcam stream


client could get stream (webcam server) as MPEG instead of MJPEG

-- RobertoSpadim - 03 May 2005

Follow up

Yep. Would be nice. Takes someone to code it. And the mjpeg may still be a desired feature because of simple format and possibility to take perfect single frames out of the stream.

Also need to step carefully when implementing technology with a lot of Intellectual Property. I cannot add any code in Motion itself which contains mpeg4 patents. We can link to external libraries but an RPM of Motion cannot contain mpeg4 code!!

If you publish mpeg streams you need to take care of proper licensing. mjpeg does not have this problem.

mjpeg can be shown in Firefox. You need additional players to show mpeg.

I would not want to give up mjpeg but would gladly add the feature of being able to feed an mpeg stream via external libraries like we do today with ffmpeg for the saved movie files.

But someone have to code it.


ok smile mpeg is very good for low band users wink but..... someone have to code it! stick out tongue

i can't do it, yet.... smile

-- RobertoSpadim - 08 May 2005

We now discuss a plugin approach for Motion 4.0.

Webcam stream will be one of the plugin interfaces and this will eventually make your wish come through. Provided that someone takes the task to code the plugin.

-- KennethLavrsen - 29 Aug 2005

I just coded a patch that can open the video device as an mpeg stream. It works. I'm not sure what needs to be done to make it work on a webcam, though. If the stream is being read from /dev/video0 or /dev/v4l/video0 or some other such place, it should just work. If it's being read from a URL, it will probably take a little extra code.

-- EliotGable - 03 Sep 2005

I guess you run into the same problem as with mjpeg netcams. The netcam sets the pace and you need a more intelligent way to sync the two.

However that problem is already solved in the new netcam code so I would guess it would not be that difficult to use your methods by entending the current netcam code.

-- KennethLavrsen - 04 Sep 2005

Any update on this?

-- RomanGaufman - 29 Oct 2007
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