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Kevin's Motion Webpages created in PHP


This web interface for motion allowing for 4 camera's to be viewed with Firefox and Internet Explorer. I suggest you use the mozilla mplayer plugin or quicktime to view recordings. Firefox simply updateds live frames where as explorer uses the cpu crushing cambozola.jar. You will need java install for the later.

Attached Files

tar.gz file contains all PHP files.


Setting up webpage.

  1. Make sure apatche has user_dir enabled
  2. Make sure you use Motion 3.2.X which has the new http control interface.
  3. Configure the file (for now use the user motion. I need to fix the getdir*.php files still
  4. Configure motion to match the file
  5. run htpasswd to password protect your site

Comments and Bug Reports

-- KevinMifflin - 28 Jan 2005

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