Motion - Make Install


When you run make, all the C-source files are automatically compiled and linked. Just look out for error messages.

Make uses a file called "Makefile" which is generated by the "configure" script you just ran. If you have special needs you can manually edit this file. Next time you run configure a new Makefile will be generated and your changes are lost.

ALERT! Attention!

If you have run make before, you should run a make clean before running make again. This cleans out all the object files that were generated the previous time you ran make. If you do not run make clean first before you rebuild Motion you may not get the additional feature included. For example: If you built Motion without ffmpeg support and then add it later - and rebuild Motion without running make clean first - the ffmpeg feature does not get compiled into the Motion binary.

First time you build motion run ./configure, make, make install. If you need to build it again (to run with different configure options) run ./configure, make clean, make, make install.

Make Install

make install simply copies all the nice files that were generated during the compilation/linking that make did.

Makes the directories (if they do not already exist)(path shown are the defaults): /usr/local/bin, usr/local/man/man1, /usr/local/etc, /usr/local/share/doc/motion-3.2.X, and /usr/local/share/doc/examples/motion-3.2.X.

Copies the following files from the base motion directory (assuming the default PREFIX /usr/local was used when running configure - otherwise adjust to the actuals you chose)
  • Executable binary "motion" to /usr/local/bin
  • Manual page "motion.1" to /usr/local/man/man1
  • Document files "CHANGELOG, COPYING, CREDITS, INSTALL, and README to /usr/local/share/doc/motion-3.2.X
  • Example configuration files "*.conf" to /usr/local/share/doc/examples/motion-3.2.X
  • Configuration file "motion-dist.conf" to /usr/local/etc
Note that the any existing files are overwritten. The default config file motion-dist.conf is named like this so that you do not get your working motion.conf file overwritten when you upgrade Motion.


From the motion base installation directory you simply run make uninstall

And delete the base installation directory in /usr/local and any link pointing to it. If you have forgotten where you installed it or someone else did it for you, simply search for the files and directories starting with motion. If the filenames and the directories match the names described in the "Make Install" section of this document, you can safely delete them.

Additional Make Options

The make command can be run with several options. make, make install and make uninstall has already been described above.

make clean
deletes all the binary files (object files) and the motion binary generated by make. It also deletes temporary files and any jpg files that motion has saved in the motion source directory. It is very important to always run make clean before you run make if you change the configuration (like adding features such as ffmpeg) and rebuild motion.

make distclean
deletes the files: config.status, config.log, config.cache, Makefile, and motion.spec.

make updateguide
fetches a fresh new copy of this guide and place it in your motion source directory. Note that the pictures are not downloaded.

make dist
performs make clean, make distclean and make updateguide in one single operation.

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