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Motion.cgi is a set of scripts intended to give a user remote (or local) access to motion through any webbrowser.

Detailed Description

Motion.cgi has the following functions:

  • Displaying of captured jpg/ppm/mpg files in a tree form.
  • Archiving/Extracting/Removing individual files or parts of the tree.
  • Viewing live pictures. (Using Netscape or the Cambozola Java applet)
  • Starting/Restarting/Stopping motion.
  • Making snapshots.
  • Forcing the creation of an mpg file.

Attached Files


Snapshots made with the old CVS code

Here are some snapshots of motion.cgi:

viewing a directory with mpg files in the tree window and a snapshot in the view window

an archive in the tree window and the status of motion in the view window


To install motion.cgi do the following:

Copy motion.cgi.conf to /etc and edit it to fit your situation.

The source has a double argument, the first is the name (=directory were motion puts its files or a link to it), the second is the hyperlink to a live stream. The second argument doesn't have to be present. Multiple sources are allowed.

Edit httpd.conf so that *.cgi files can be executed as cgi scripts.

If you wish to restrict access to the web interface you should create a .htaccess and .htpasswd file in the motion.cgi directory.

The cambozola java applet is written by Andrew Wilcock and can be found at

Comments and Bug Reports

Note: This project is not actively maintained. A new maintainer is welcome. Just go ahead and post updates

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