Motion - Motion Cnt Structure Overview

Motion's Cnt Structure - Overview of all the fields

List of all variable within the cnt structure. If the variable itself is a structure it should link to a table below.

Variable Type Default Init Description Used in Functions
conf_filename[PATH_MAX] char      
threadnr int      
daemon int      
conf struct config      
imgs struct images      
track struct trackoptions      
netcam struct netcam_context *      
precap_nr int      
precap_cur int      
new_img int      
preview_shot int      
preview_max int      
locate int      
location struct coord      
rotate_data struct rotdata      
diffs int      
noise int      
threshold int      
diffs_last[THRESHOLD_TUNE_LENGTH] int      
smartmask_speed int      
snapshot int      
makemovie int      
finish int      
event_nr int      
prev_event int      
shots int      
currenttime struct tm *      
currenttimep time_t      
lasttime time_t      
eventtime time_t      
lastshot time_t      
lastrate int      
moved int      
switched int      
pause int      
tuner_dev int      
video_dev int      
pipe int      
mpipe int      
webcam struct webcam      
stream_count int      
sql_mask int      
database MYSQL *      
database_pg PGconn *      
ffmpeg_new struct ffmpeg *      
ffmpeg_motion struct ffmpeg *      
ffmpeg_timelapse struct ffmpeg *      
ffmpeg_smartmask struct ffmpeg *      
newfilename[255] char      
motionfilename[255] char      
timelapsefilename[255] char      

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