Motion - Netcam Mjpeg Stream Dumps


Anyone with a Network Camera able to stream in mjpeg format is encouraged to attach a raw binary dump to this topic.

To produce such a raw binary file just go to the MjpegSniffer project and follow the simple instructions how to download, compile and run the program.

When you have the file come back to this topic and click the Attach Image or Document link at the bottom of this topic and add it. Give it a name and comment so we know which camera it is.

It will also be a help if you edit this topic and write 1-2 lines about which camera you used, and what connection URL you used.

To both attach files and add text to this topic you need a username and password.

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-- KennethLavrsen - 25 Mar 2005


URL for Flexwatch 300 server (and I suspect other FW models as well)

http://flexwatchserverIP/cgi-bin/camera.cgi?ImgSource=[cameraNo 1-6]

It seems Motion only works if the image size setting on the server is set to full. Don't know why yet, but Motion just seems to quit if it is set to anything lower... -- FliP - 26 Mar 2005 10:38:08

For clarification: is the FlexWatch300 dump you provided using the full option to image size setting? -- ChristopherPrice - 28 Mar 2005

Yes it is! Unfortunately, the server has given up in the mean time... Think the company's gone belly-up as well, as I can't get in touch with them anymore frown, sad smile -- FliP - 01 Apr 2005

mjpegsnif Output for Axis 205 Camera

I've uploaded the file axis_205.raw_file. It contains the output from mjepgsnif from my Axis 205 Network camera (firmware version 4.04). It was obtained using the following URL : /mjpg/video.mjpg

I don't run any webservers so I've not been able to look at the output using the supplied perl program.

Further information about streaming video from this camera is available from

I'm going to compile and test 3.1.20snap3.

Please get in touch if there is more I can do to help.

-- TheSpike - 29 Mar 2005

I've added mjpegsnif dumps for four cameras; The URL used for each output a single 320x240 JPEG image:

Toshiba IK-WB01A network camera (Wireless)
Panasonic BL-C10A network camera
Panasonic KX-HCM270 network camera (Wireless)
Panasonic KX-HCM280 network camera

-- BruceDurham - 30 Mar 2005

I've added a rawfile and an Ethereal dump for the Toshiba IK-WB11A. Hope this helps!

-- MikeChudobiak - 30 Mar 2005

mjpegdump for Axis2100 and Axis2110 added

-- BrechtSamyn - 31 Mar 2005

I've attached an mjpegsnif raw dump file for the PiXORD 261 Network Dome Camera. All PiXORD MJPEG Network Cameras and Video Servers output the same MJPEG stream, so this one file should suffice as a representation of all of these devices. The demo site for the PiXORD 261, from which the dump file was created, is located at: or

The CGI used to receive the server push stream is:


to receive a full size image (704x480) use


, and for qsif use =


The Demo site provides access to streams from other PiXORD Network Cameras and Video Servers. You can get more information about these products from the PiXORD Web site or you can contact me directly.

-- SeanBobb - 22 Apr 2005

MJPEG Stream data for Linksys-WVC54G

I've uploaded the files Linksys-WVC54G-mjpeg-jpg.dat ( obtained using the URL : =


and Linksys-WVC54G-mjpeg-cgi.dat ( obtained using the URL : =


The Linksys WVC54G claims to only support MPEG4 (ASF) but it can also sent MJPEG streams as well (although not at the same time)

you can change formats via these (minimal) URLs :



(assuming the NetCam IP address is set to it's default address

In MJPEG "mode" there are two methods / access URLs to acquire the Jpeg stream

(1) http server-push of JPEG images or (2) stream of images

the "first" is via accessing the URL path /img/mjpeg.jpg which provides a server-push'ed series of Jpegs. eg:

        HTTP/1.0 200 OK
        Content-type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=--ServerPush
        Content-type: image/jpeg
        \xff\xd8\.....<the rest of the jpeg image>
        Content-type: image/jpeg

Image size is not given, thus next boundary maker "--ServerPush" must be located to Identify end of the image.

Errors in the stream are handed by scanning ahead to the next instance of the boundary marker "--ServerPush" Any read delays of a few seconds or more between frames should indicate a dead or dropped connection and the network should be reset.

The "second" method is accessed via the URL path: /img/mjpeg.cgi providing a streamed series of JPegs.

The format is a 12 character numeric string followed by the image data. the 12 character numeric string (consisting of 6 digits for image size three digits for Width and three digits for Height) followed my a Jpeg image.




          003316320240\xff\xd8\.....<the rest of the jpeg image>.....

in the above case the image size is 3316, width is 320 and height is 240. Note that there are no HTTP codes are issued before the data ( eg: HTTP/1.0 200 OK ) instead the video data stream starts immediately

Errors are handled by closing the TCP connection and establishing the link

(Any users of a WVC54G that want shell access to their netcam can contact me, i have a script that replaces the root password (re)enable telnet in a uploadable firmware image)

-- EvilPete - 12 May 2005

MJPEG Stream data for ALLNET 2240

The ALLNET stream URL: http://Allnet.netcam.ip/cgi-bin/video.vam

I don't know the video-data rawfile is attached

The file attached for ALLNET 2240 is a jpeg file that has in the "header" : "TOSHIBA NETWORK CAMERA IK-WB11A" , so seems that that camera is based on Toshiba IK-WB11A.

-- AngelCarpintero - 01 Oct 2005

Gadspot NC800 has a buggy firmware becasue the HTTP HEADERS are wrong :

HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M
connection: close^M
ff d8 ff e0 ...
ff d9

a typo in Content-legth and malformed should be Content-legth: and Content-Type: is missing.

The problem can be solved using a script to fix those headers , this script does the work smile

-- AngelCarpintero - 14 Nov 2005

MJPEG Stream data for Linksys-WVC54G

on the GPL Download Pages of Linksys you can find a GPL Code Release Version: 2.12-EU. In this release motion jpeg is ( more or less ) allready implemented. You will have to compile it yourself and you will have to make a few changes - but then you choose between mpeg4 and mjpeg.

Get the Sources and the compiler from
Uncompress the sources
go to

fs/apps/cgi/DE/html.linksysEU/adm or

depending on the language you would like to use

in the file image.htm you'll find two lines

     //  index = getSelIndex(cf.videotype,cf.h_videotype.value,true);
     //  cf.videotype.selectedIndex = index;

remove the "//" to enable this lines

than find the line

      //   cf.h_videotype.value = cf.videotype.options.........

remove the "//" to enable this lines

next find the code sequence

   <td bgcolor="#9292da" class="sp">Image Type:&nbsp;</td>
  <select name="videotype" size="1" onChange="typeChange()">
   <option value="mpeg4">MPEG-4</option>
   <option value="mjpeg">Motion JPEG (MJPEG)</option>

   <td> &nbsp; </td>

Remove the

"<!--" and "-->" 

to enable this peace of code.

If you also would like to have propper Help text, edit the file hlp_image.html
At the top of this file you can find a part that is disabled with

"<!--" and "-->"

Again - remove this two lines, and you'll get help on mjpeg.

Now Recompile your Image - and you can choose between mpeg4 and mjpg.
No sound support, no motion detect - but viewing the picture with Linux, Mac or Firefox works perfectly.

Frank -- TWikiGuest - 10 Dec 2005

mjpegdump for Axis 206M added:

axis_206M.rawfile; I used /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?resolution=1280x1024 to generate it.

-- PeterS - 21 Dec 2005

mjpeg dump from a VLC stream.. (webcam is on a windows machine, but the windows software is not as useful as motion)

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC>vlc -vvv dshow:// vdev="Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 " adev="none" size="640x480" --sout=#transcode{vcodec=MJPG}:duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=mpjpeg,url=:1234}} --sout-http-mime="multipart/x-mixed-replace;boundary=--myboundary"

-- KarlPalsson - 15 Mar 2006

mjpeg raw dump from an Orite IC-300 based on a Winbond reference design shared with other cameras.

oriteic300-1.raw is captured using the url /GetData.cgi

oriteic300-2.raw is captured using the url /GetData.cgi?Status=1

-- StevenNikkel - 06 Sep 2006

mjpegsnif dump from an Allnet ALL2201 Firmware V1.03 using URLPATH "/img/mjpeg.cgi" current motion 3.2.7 cant handle this cheap cam:

[1] Unrecognized content type

[1] Error reading first header - re-trying

mjpegsnif dump from an Aviosys 9060A using URLPATH "/cgi-bin/Stream?Video" current motion 3.2.7 cant handle this cheap cam:

[1] Error reading first header - re-trying

MJPEG Stream data for Airlink101 SkyIPCam 250W

mjpegsniff dump from an Airlink101 SkyIPCam 250W running firmware 3.30, though it's almost identical to firmware 3.13 (which is what mine shipped with). The URL was found by running a tcpdump (sudo tcpdump -i en0 -nnvvXSs 1514 host while loading the Java viewer and watching for any request for something not the page or its immediate supporting files.


18:57:00.698413 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 32496, offset 0, flags [DF], proto TCP (6), length 108) > P, cksum 0xcd3c (incorrect (-> 0x971e), 2881953127:2881953195(68) ack 2986446 win 65535
   0x0000:  4500 006c 7ef0 4000 4006 eebd c0a8 01d4  E..l~.@.@.......
   0x0010:  0a00 0062 c36c 0050 abc7 1d67 002d 91ce  ...b.l.P...g.-..
   0x0020:  5018 ffff cd3c 0000 4745 5420 2f4d 4a50  P....<..GET./MJP
   0x0030:  4547 2e43 4749 2048 5454 502f 312e 300d  EG.CGI.HTTP/1.0.
   0x0040:  0a55 7365 722d 4167 656e 743a 2075 7365  .User-Agent:.use
   0x0050:  720d 0a41 7574 686f 7269 7a61 7469 6f6e  r..Authorization
   0x0060:  3a20 4261 7369 6320 0d0a 0d0a            :.Basic.....

Naturally, the resulting data is attached in the corresponding file attached to this.

D-Link DCS-2100G I don't know if the *.vam file is in MJPEG format but I attached a raw dump generated with mjpegsnif

Trendnet TV-IP201P

Here's a capture of my framerate problem. Whenever motion detects motions, the 5 pre-capture frame and the 200 subsequent frames are recorded. However, the content of these frames is troubling, as a frame will be repeated several times before another frame replaces it. We can see my magnificient body come by and pickup a box, only to return the box 5 seconds later. What the video actually shows is a few frames of me picking up the box, and then suddently the final frame with the box back in place is shown.

Airlink 101 SkyIPCam500 (W) url

the mjpeg does not appear to work with motion, but it does output a standard jpeg image via this url:


the mjpeg URL for any who are interested is:


The problem is that motion expects the jpeg SOI (start of image) marker (0xffd8). I modified netcam.c to skip through the camera data stream until the SOI is seen. Here is the modified netcam.c source that works with my 500W cameras.

Please don't attach a full c file , do a diff against stable version or trunk.

-- AngelCarpintero - 15 Mar 2009

Trendnet TV-IP110/A

the mjpeg does not appear to work with motion, but it does output a standard jpeg image via this url:


the mjpeg URL for any who are interested is:


Dump file: TrendNet_TV-IP110A.raw

Gadspot NC1000 / GC1000

can get output images using either jpg or mjpg, however as soon as motion is detected it crashes the camera.

the mjpeg URL for any who are interested is:

the jpeg URL for any who are interested is:

Conceptronic C54Netcam2

Zavio F531E

Output from MjpegSniffer: zavio-f531E-mjpeg-rawfile

netcam_url http://IPADDESS/video.mjpg

Panasonic BL-C101​ -- 13 Dec 2012
ModelName:BL-C101A BootFirm:V3.60R00 AplFirm:3.60R00 Cgii/fVer:3.60R00 ModelType:2520000001020000 Function:0002010000

* rawfile_bl-c101: Panasonic BL-C101 netcam mjpegsnif output * cam1.conf: Panasonic BL-C101 motion.conf * cam1-motionlog.txt: Panasonic BL-C101 motion debug output

TRENDnet TV-IP751WIC -- 20 Feb 2013

Detail of this camera follow this link.

Without the camera's user access control, Motion is able to receive mjpeg stream. With user access control turned on, Motion is not able to receive mjpeg stream even using <username:password> format to input the authorization information.

URL of MJPEG stream: http://xx.xx.xx.xx/video/mjpg.cgi

Two mjpegsnif output attached:

rawfile-tv-ip751wic - mjpeg stream without user-access-control disabled (Streaming works)

rawfile_auth-tv-ip751wic - with user-access-control enabled (Streaming fails)
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
145541.aviavi 145541.avi manage 2 MB 30 May 2008 - 19:09 UnknownUser Trendnet TV-IP201P with framerate problem
Airlink101-SkyIPCam250W.rawraw Airlink101-SkyIPCam250W.raw manage 98 K 02 Dec 2007 - 02:06 UnknownUser Dump from Airlink101 SkyIPCam 250W (Firmware 3.13 AND 3.30)
AllnetALL2201.mjpegsnifmjpegsnif AllnetALL2201.mjpegsnif manage 97 K 12 Feb 2007 - 20:05 UnknownUser Dump from Allnet ALL2201 Camera (Not TOSHIBA)
FlexWatch300EXT FlexWatch300 manage 17 K 26 Mar 2005 - 10:35 UnknownUser Dump from Flexwatch 300 Camera server
Gadspot-NC800.php.txttxt Gadspot-NC800.php.txt manage 1 K 14 Nov 2005 - 07:33 AngelCarpintero Fix the problem for Gadspot-NC800
IK-WB11A_ethereal.libpcaplibpcap IK-WB11A_ethereal.libpcap manage 16 K 30 Mar 2005 - 13:16 UnknownUser This is the Ethereal dump that matches the above rawfile for the Toshiba IK-WB11A.
IK-WB11A_rawfileEXT IK-WB11A_rawfile manage 13 K 30 Mar 2005 - 13:15 UnknownUser Rawfile from a Toshiba IK-WB11A camera, using the wired (not wireless) interface.
Linksys-WVC54G-mjpeg-cgi.datdat Linksys-WVC54G-mjpeg-cgi.dat manage 98 K 12 May 2005 - 14:30 UnknownUser Linksys WCV54G in MJPEG mode via /img/mjpeg.cgi
Linksys-WVC54G-mjpeg-jpg.datdat Linksys-WVC54G-mjpeg-jpg.dat manage 98 K 12 May 2005 - 14:24 UnknownUser Linksys WCV54G in MJPEG mode via /img/mjpeg.jpg
PANASONIC_BL-C10A.mjpegsnifmjpegsnif PANASONIC_BL-C10A.mjpegsnif manage 14 K 30 Mar 2005 - 06:53 UnknownUser mjpegsnif for a Panasonic BL-C10A network camera
PANASONIC_KX-HCM270.mjpegsnifmjpegsnif PANASONIC_KX-HCM270.mjpegsnif manage 7 K 30 Mar 2005 - 06:54 UnknownUser mjpegsnif for a Panasonic KX-HCM270 Wireless network camera
PANASONIC_KX-HCM280.mjpegsnifmjpegsnif PANASONIC_KX-HCM280.mjpegsnif manage 16 K 30 Mar 2005 - 06:54 UnknownUser mjpegsnif for a Panasonic KX-HCM280 network camera
PiXORD_261.raw_fileraw_file PiXORD_261.raw_file manage 97 K 22 Apr 2005 - 00:09 UnknownUser  
TOSHIBA.IK-WB21A.rawfilerawfile TOSHIBA.IK-WB21A.rawfile manage 98 K 16 Jul 2009 - 23:20 UnknownUser Toshiba IK-WB21A
TOSHIBA_IK-WB01A.mjpegsnifmjpegsnif TOSHIBA_IK-WB01A.mjpegsnif manage 10 K 30 Mar 2005 - 06:52 UnknownUser mjpegsnif for a Toshiba IK-WB01A Wireless network camera
TrendNet_TV-IP110A.rawraw TrendNet_TV-IP110A.raw manage 98 K 26 Aug 2008 - 11:48 UnknownUser  
aviosys9060A.mjpegsnifmjpegsnif aviosys9060A.mjpegsnif manage 98 K 21 Feb 2007 - 13:52 UnknownUser  
axis2100_v2.4343 axis2100_v2.43 manage 97 K 31 Mar 2005 - 09:37 UnknownUser mjpegsnif from Axis 2100, firmware version 2.43
axis2110_v2.4343 axis2110_v2.43 manage 99 K 31 Mar 2005 - 09:38 UnknownUser mjpegsnif from Axis 2110, firmware2110_v2.43
axis_205.raw_fileraw_file axis_205.raw_file manage 98 K 29 Mar 2005 - 21:46 UnknownUser mjpegsnif output for Axis 205 Camera
axis_206M.rawfilerawfile axis_206M.rawfile manage 782 K 22 Dec 2005 - 00:07 UnknownUser mjpeg dump for Axis 206M
cam1-motionlog.txttxt cam1-motionlog.txt manage 1 K 13 Dec 2012 - 23:45 UnknownUser Panasonic BL-C101 motion debug output
cam1.confconf cam1.conf manage 2 K 13 Dec 2012 - 23:43 UnknownUser Panasonic BL-C101 motion.conf
carlos.jpgjpg carlos.jpg manage 9 K 29 May 2006 - 09:57 UnknownUser mjpegsnif output of w3camd video for linux (by Rasca)
dcs-2100g_jpg.rawraw dcs-2100g_jpg.raw manage 10 K 07 Jan 2008 - 17:23 UnknownUser Dump from D-Link DCS-2100G /cgi-bin/video.jpg
dcs-2100g_vam.rawraw dcs-2100g_vam.raw manage 98 K 07 Jan 2008 - 17:24 UnknownUser Dump from D-Link DCS-2100G /cgi-bin/video.vam
gadspot-nc800EXT gadspot-nc800 manage 9 K 14 Nov 2005 - 05:49 AngelCarpintero gadspot-nc800 with buggy http headers manage 5 K 15 May 2005 - 17:50 UnknownUser example Perl code that retrieves a Mjepg stream ( .jpg or .cgi ) from a Linksys WVC54G and writes it to disk
grand_ip_cam_IIIEXT grand_ip_cam_III manage 97 K 14 Jun 2007 - 11:50 UnknownUser Dump from GrandTec Grand IP Cam III. Link: http://cam_ip/video.cgi . NetcamContentAuthPatch doesn't help.
grand_wifi_camera.rawfilerawfile grand_wifi_camera.rawfile manage 98 K 05 Nov 2005 - 19:29 UnknownUser Dump from Grand Wifi Cam. I'm not sure to be on the right place to post my dump
motion.confconf motion.conf manage 1 K 30 May 2008 - 19:15 UnknownUser netcam.c manage 77 K 13 Mar 2009 - 23:06 UnknownUser airlink 500W fix for parsing mjpeg netcam_jbn.c manage 77 K 13 Mar 2009 - 22:59 UnknownUser netcam.c with fix for jpg SOI
oriteic300-1.rawraw oriteic300-1.raw manage 99 K 06 Sep 2006 - 23:07 UnknownUser Raw Capture from Orite IC-300 /GetData.cgi
oriteic300-2.rawraw oriteic300-2.raw manage 98 K 06 Sep 2006 - 23:08 UnknownUser Orite IC-300 Raw Capture /GetData.cgi?Status=1
out.allnetallnet out.allnet manage 97 K 19 Mar 2008 - 14:09 UnknownUser Allnet 2281 MJPEG Sniffer Dump
raw_testEXT raw_test manage 97 K 13 Apr 2007 - 21:28 UnknownUser D-Link DCS-900 obtained from /MJPEG.CGI
rawfile-tv-ip751wicEXT rawfile-tv-ip751wic manage 98 K 20 Feb 2013 - 05:49 UnknownUser tv-ip751wic mjpeg stream
rawfile_auth-tv-ip751wicEXT rawfile_auth-tv-ip751wic manage 444 bytes 20 Feb 2013 - 05:49 UnknownUser tv-ip751wic authorization error
rawfile_bl-c101EXT rawfile_bl-c101 manage 2 K 13 Dec 2012 - 23:12 UnknownUser Panasonic BL-C101 netcam mjpegsnif output
rawfile_gc1000_GetDataEXT rawfile_gc1000_GetData manage 99 K 10 Oct 2008 - 15:14 UnknownUser Gadspot_NC1000/GetData.cgi
streamingEXT streaming manage 98 K 21 Oct 2009 - 22:58 UnknownUser conceptronic C54Netcam2
vlc-mjpeg.rawraw vlc-mjpeg.raw manage 98 K 15 Mar 2006 - 17:29 UnknownUser rawfile from vlc mjpeg stream
zavio-f531E-mjpeg-rawfileEXT zavio-f531E-mjpeg-rawfile manage 107 K 25 Feb 2011 - 15:50 UnknownUser rawfile mjpeg
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