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Packaging Motion

A brief guide to make the most popular distribution packages for motion ( rpm , deb , tgz , ebuilds , etc ).

RPM ( Red Hat , Fedora )

There're several way to create a rpm but maybe the easiest way is using an spec file , so that is the way we will make the rpm package of motion.


  • Add a new user to create the rpm ( doing rpm as root is not safe ! ).
    su - root
    adduser packager
    su - pakager
    mkdir $HOME/rpm
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/SOURCES
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/SPECS
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/SRPMS
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/BUILD
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/RPMS
    echo "%_topdir $HOME/rpm" >> $HOME/.rpmmacros

  • Get the tarball of motion ( i.ex motion-3.1.17.tar.gz ).
  • Decompress it and get the spec file ( motion.spec ).
    tar xfvz motion-3.1.17.tar.gz
    cp motion-3.1.17/motion.spec .

  • Copy the tarball to $HOME/rpm/SOURCES
    cp motion-3.1.17.tar.gz $HOME/rpm/SOURCES/.

  • Make the Rpm and Srpm.
    rpmbuild -ba motion.spec

  • Install the Rpm.
    rpm -i /home/packager/rpm/RPMS/i386/motion-3.1.17-1.i386.rpm


  • You can create a Rpm package optimized for you CPU adding the option --target to rmpbuild.
    rpmbuild -bb --target=athlon motion.spec
    this will create a rpm optimized for athlon in /home/packager/rpm/RPMS/athlon/motion-3.1.17-1.athlon.rpm.

  • If you did a rpmbuild -ba ( to create a rpm and srpm ) you can create the optimized package from the srpm:
    rpmbuild --rebuild --target=athlon rpm/SRPMS/motion-3.1.18-1.src.rpm

DEB ( Debian / Ubuntu )

Quick Guide

  • Get a motion tarball ( i.ex motion-3.2.11.tar.gz )
  • Get the debian skel
  • Decompress motion tarball
    tar xfvz motion-3.2.11.tar.gz
  • Decompress debian skel
    tar xfvz debian-motion.tar.gz
  • Copy the debian skel directory to motion source directory.

   chmod +x debian/rules
   mv debian motion-3.2.11/   
   dpkg-buildpackage -tc -b -rfakeroot

Maybe you have to change some values in some files inside debian directory

-- AngelCarpintero - 29 May 2005
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