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Release Note - Motion 3.1.19

3.1.19 - Summary of changes since 3.1.18.

  • Fixed bug when setting ffmpeg_timelapse=1
  • Made netcam code more robust
  • Fixed netcam->userpass problem
  • Updates to vloopback device v 0.94
  • Added code optimizing for Athlon 64
  • Fixed bug when building RPM
  • Fixed some gcc warnings
  • Code cleanup from a valgrind analysis
  • Configure: Added debug , conditional compile of xmlrpc-c
  • Fix a non allocated pointer to be freed.

Detailed changes for all 3.1.19 snap shot releases since 3.1.18


snap2 Following bugfixes all by Angel Carpintero

snap3 Bugfixes by Angel Carpintero
  • Fix motion.spec,
  • Typo in ,
  • Fix version number


  • No changes made since snap4

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