Motion - Signed Unsigned Chars In Motion

Signed and Unsigned Chars in Motion

Safe means that the function works with both signed and unsigned.

This topic was created to figure out what needed to be changed to match signed/unsigned chars in the Motion code to avoid warnings in gcc 4 and potential errors. After having analysed just alg.c it was clear what we had to do and I doubt we will need to finish this topic -- KennethLavrsen - 14 Jul 2005


  • alg_locate_center_size - safe
  • alg_draw_location - safe
  • alg_noise_tune - must be unsigned ALERT!
  • alg_threshold_tune - safe
  • iflood - seems safe
  • alg_labeling - seems safe
  • dilate9 - safe
  • dilate5 - safe
  • erode9 - safe
  • erode5 - safe
  • alg_despeckle - safe
  • tune_smartmask - must be unsigned ALERT!

I stop here.

Conclusion. It is best to keep images unsigned.

I do the following.
  • Make all images unsigned in all function where possible. Otherwise cast.
  • Keep all strings as normal char (signed)
  • Split the *filename parameter in event() in two. unsigned char *image and char *filename.

-- KennethLavrsen - 20 Jun 2005
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avilib.c.signed-fix.diffdiff avilib.c.signed-fix.diff manage 13 K 20 Jun 2005 - 18:26 AngelCarpintero signed/unsigned gcc4 warnings fixes
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