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Detecting end of an event


Good morning, I need to detect when an event is ended. I found that motion supports:

execute -> event started onsave -> image saved onffmpegclose -> event record stopped.

My configuration is set to save only the first picture when start detecting event. I cannot use onffmpegclose because I don't record events.

Thank you very much Bye


Motion version: 3.1.19
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9pre1
Libraries: curl, ffmpeg, mysql, postresql
Server OS: Fedora Core 3, kernel 2.6.9

-- TWikiGuest - 30 Mar 2005


You will want to check out the OnXxxxFeatureDiscussion topic.

We are planning to implement what you need in a not so distant future on the 3.2 branch.

Until then you need to create mpegs using the ffmpeg feature and just ignore the files.

If you choose a static filename with no time code (conversion specifiers) Motion will just write over the same file again and again.

You can then use the onffmpegclose to trigger what you want because it is triggered when the event ends.

You may even make a crazy filename with ../../../dev/null/trash (have not tried).

-- KennethLavrsen - 30 Mar 2005
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