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Axis 210 + many open network connections


I have an Axis 210 camera. I am using the following netcam url per the "Working Devices" Section of the site:


When I fire motion up, I notice that doing a netstat -an tells that motion is connecting to camera like 500+ times, in a TIME_WAIT state, only one will say ESTABLISHED.

motion throws no errors via syslog, or console ( while not in daemon mode )

The only way I have been able to stem the tide of open connections is to limit the network bandwidth on the camera itself to like 512kilobits/s and keep the framerate around 4.

I have a 2100 working flawlessly ( they are not running together since the debain testing version of motion is still broken with regards to multiple netcams )

Any ideas? Am I missing something?

Thanks Ross


I installed 3.2.1_snap17, this seemed to help some with the Axis 210, I still have roughly 13 connections going ( 1 in ESTABLISHED state and 12 in TIME_WAIT), this is with the Axis 210 set back to unlimited bandwidth and the framerate in motion.conf set to 8.

Is this normal? I never really checked this, I just happened to notice a hight Load Average on the box so I looked which led me to posting the question.

Thanks for the quick response Ross


Motion version: 3.1.19
ffmpeg version: 0.cvs20050313-2
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Debain -Testing kernel 2.4.27-2-686

-- RossReed - 20 May 2005


Please try the latest snap shots

If you are conservative: MotionRelease3x1x20snap7

If you want the new features: MotionRelease3x1x20snap7

There will be a new release very soon of both branches.

Currently I would say that both releases above are more stable than 3.1.19

You need to compile from source but that is really not difficult. You just need to make sure you have the devel packages installed also for the shared libraries.

The 3.2.1 no longer depends on xmlrpc and curl so it is even more easy to compile from source now. And once you have compiled from source once it is a 10 second exercise to install the next versions.

-- KennethLavrsen - 21 May 2005
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