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Controlling a Quickcam Orbit pan/tilt


The PHP script (control204pt.php) provided by Kenneth to control the Tilt/Pan of the webcam works fine for me as long as I dont press the submit buttons on the form too quickly, ie I have to wait a couple of seconds (usually 2-3 sec) after the webcam has moved before pressing another one. If I dont, then I cannot control the tilt/pan anymore. I tried to use another computer to gain control of the webcam again, but it wont work. Once it happens, the only way around that is to restart motion. This happens regardless of the browser I used (I have tried IE,firefox and mozilla). Using ethereal, I figured out that motion's mini webserver receives the successive control commands (sent by thecontrol204pt.php), but somehow only the first one is processed. Has anyone experienced this ? Any work around?


Motion version: 3.2.1
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9
Libraries: curl, ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: Fedora Core 3 - Kernel 2.6.11

-- TWikiGuest - 03 Jun 2005


This bug has been fixed in Motion now.

Try the latest Motion 3.2.2 snapshot release from MotionSnapshotReleases
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