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Multi webcam


Hello, To begin sorry for my english i am french smile

So, i am trying to use motion3.2.3 with 2 webcam. i configured thread1.conf and thread2.Conf. All my camera are good configure because theyt works with xawtv but when i use motion it is impossible to use both

here my logs :

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [0] Processing thread 0 - config file /usr/local/etc/motion.conf

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [0] Processing config file /usr/local/etc/thread1.conf

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [0] Processing config file /usr/local/etc/thread2.conf

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [1] Thread is from /usr/local/etc/thread1.conf

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [2] Thread is from /usr/local/etc/thread2.conf

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [0] httpd bind(): Address already in use

Oct 10 20:14:32 ns0 motion: [2] Failed to open video device /dev/video1: No space left on device

Oct 10 20:14:32 ns0 motion: [2] Motion Exits 

If you can help me it will be very good thnaks for all


Motion version: 3.2.3
ffmpeg version: ffmpeg-0.4.9-0.pre1.4mdk
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: mandrake 10.2, kernel :2.6.11-6mdk

-- GogueyNicolas - 10 Oct 2005

Follow Up

Please could you attach your motion.conf, thread1.conf and thread2.conf files ?

Anyway looking at your log messages :

Oct 10 20:14:31 ns0 motion: [0] httpd bind(): Address already in use

  • you have a application running in the same port that motion has for its http control interface , by default 8080, so check the control_port parameter.

Oct 10 20:14:32 ns0 motion: [2] Failed to open video device /dev/video1: No space left on device

  • That error is strange i never seen before , but maybe is because the device is already opened . What cameras & driver are you using ?

-- AngelCarpintero - 10 Oct 2005


To begin thanks of you answer

For the first error (httpd bind(): Address already in use) sorry it is a old error (mysql port smile )

I am using a quickcam web with mod_quickcam module and a ‎Creative WebCam NX with spca5xx module The device aren't opened if it is opened i don't know where ?!

-- GogueyNicolas - 10 Oct 2005

I notice that you have input 2 in one of the config files. I would think you should have input 8 (8 means disabled sending input change request to the driver). Values 0 to 7 are normally used by capture cards) and most USB camera drivers fail if you try and change input.

-- KennethLavrsen - 10 Oct 2005

I have changed the input in input8 but it is the same thing. I have done a text file in attachment for the log of test webcam with xawtv

in /var/log/messages i have this too :

Oct 11 00:43:10 ns0 kernel: /home/krikrizzz/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: init isoc: usb_submit_urb(0) ret -2 8

Oct 11 00:43:10 ns0 kernel: /home/krikrizzz/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: [spca5xx_open:4619] DEALLOC error

-- GogueyNicolas - 10 Oct 2005

Ok seems that the problem is with Quickcam Web ( /dev/video1 ) a i guess from the xawtv log, so it's not related to motion.

xawtv -c /dev/video1

This is xawtv-3.94, running on Linux/i686 (2.6.11-6mdk) /dev/video1 [v4l]: no overlay support v4l-conf had some trouble, trying to continue anyway

ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=144;width=176;format=7): Invalid argument

v4l: timeout (got SIGALRM), hardware/driver problems?

ioctl: VIDIOCSYNC(int=0): Interrupted system call ioctl: VIDIOCSYNC(int=0): Interrupted system call

*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x080bc6b8 *** Aborted

The driver that you're using with Quickcam Web should be qc-usb , no the old qce-ga that i guess you're using .

Could you tell us ...

  • what module and version are you using ?
  • How are you loading the module into kernel ? ( i.ex modprobe quickcam.ko qcdebug=0 compatible=3 compress=0)
  • The kernel message for the module load ( dmesg).

That will allow us to find where can be the problem .

-- AngelCarpintero - 11 Oct 2005

I am using qc-usb-0.6.3

with lsmod i have : videodev 7264 2 quickcam,spca5xx usbcore 106008 8 quickcam,snd-usb-audio,snd-usb-lib,usblp,spca5xx,ehci-hcd,ohci-hcd

[root@ns0 krikrizzz]# modprobe quickcam.ko qcdebug=0 compatible=3 compress=0 FATAL: Module quickcam.ko not found.

modprobe quickcam : it's ok

with dmesg i have nothing for quickcam

A new evenment : if in my thread conf i change video1 by Video0 and video0 by video1 i have a new error to be seem the same : ( sync error in proc : No space left on device) but motion don't crash in the moment but after five min all the server crash....

-- GogueyNicolas - 11 Oct 2005

  • 1-. Strange that you get an error loading the module with modprobe
  • 2-. I don't understand why you don't get any message about quickcam with dmesg
  • 3-. If you're using a unique USB controller you won't be able to get working 2 USB cameras unless the controller & cameras support USB 2.0.

-- AngelCarpintero - 12 Oct 2005

I have reinstall my camera and now i have this with dmesg but problem persist

for the creative :

/home/krikrizzz/Documents/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: USB SPCA5XX camera found. Type Creative NX Zc301+ CCD PAS106B

/home/krikrizzz/Documents/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: [spca5xx_probe:8810] Camera type JPEG

/home/krikrizzz/Documents/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/zc3xx.h: [zcxx_probeSensor:108] sensor answer1 170

/home/krikrizzz/Documents/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/zc3xx.h: [zc3xx_config:404] Find Sensor PAS106

/home/krikrizzz/Documents/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: [spca5xx_getcapability:2555] maxw 352 maxh 288 minw 176 minh 144

usbcore: registered new driver spca5xx

/home/krikrizzz/Documents/spca5xx-20050906/drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: spca5xx driver 00.57.02 registered

for the quickcam

quickcam: QuickCam USB camera found (driver version QuickCam USB 0.6.3 $Date: 2008/06/02 04:17:20 $)

quickcam: Kernel:2.6.11-6mdk bus:2 class:FF subclass:FF vendor:046D product:0850

quickcam: Sensor VV6410 detected quickcam: Registered device: /dev/video1 usbcore: registered new driver quickcam

-- GogueyNicolas - 12 Oct 2005

Definitely it seems a problem with kernel modules of those webcams , so please get the newest drivers for your cameras and post a new support.

FYI : There some new drivers that only support V42L , motion has a beta patch for those cameras . Take a look to this topic :

-- AngelCarpintero - 02 Oct 2006

-- AngelCarpintero - 02 Jun 2008
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