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Network cam all black triggers event


I have 6 DCS-900 network cameras. Several times per day, a few of them (not all at the same time) decide to return a completely black image (unknown why, camera hardware bug???). The image is totally black. This is NOT your gray image when connectivity is lost. Connectivity is good, pings OK, and within 30 seconds or so, normal processing and normal images start to work again. When this black image is returned by the camera, the motion detection logic notes this as a motion event and starts high-speed recording. When the correct normal image eventually does appear, the box (because of option "locate on") is drawn around then entire image (where it used to be completely black). BUG ?? If you see that an image is totally and instantly completely black, maybe you should continue comparing and NOT declare it as a motion event if the picture soon returns to normal. Comparing the last pre-black image with the first post-black image would show that no motion had occurred. I think of this as a bug since it falsely triggers this as an event.


Motion version: 3.2.4 snap5
ffmpeg version: not used
Libraries: not used
Server OS: RedHat 7.1 kernel 2.4.20-28.7

-- GregSwift - 09 Jan 2006


See BugReport2006x01x26x180056 and also SupportGuidelines. Your motion config file is always an important part of a support request because there are so many options to change.

-- KennethLavrsen - 26 Jan 2006
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