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Weatherproof camera


I know this is the wrong place to post this question, but I was not sure of where the correct place was. Many people, including Kenneth Lavrsen, have successfully placed what I would have thought to be an indoor camera in the outside. (His camera 4 for example shows his back yard). I want to know if you use a special camera made to work with the extremes of temperature like you must have in Denmark, or how do you temperature-proof the camera so that it does not freeze. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in February the temperature can reach -20 C or worse. Thanks and sorry for posting in the wrong place. g.swift


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-- GregSwift - 11 Mar 2006


Actually your perception about Danish climate is perhaps a little wrong because you think of us as a Scandinavian country - which we are.

Truth is that from north of Sweden to top bottom is the same distance as from Copenhagen Denmark to Roma Italy.

The climate in Denmark is very mild. Average temperature in the winter is +1 deg C. Average in the summer is below 20 deg C.

We are a typical west wind costal climate country. The lowest temperatures are -10 deg C and that is rare. I have all camera in the shade. They work 24 hours so the heat from the camera keeps them worm enough even at -10.

I have put the camera in the housing of a cheep 500W work lamp. They are IP54 rated and with metal housing and real glass front with a good gasket so they can sit outdoors.

I out black cloth round the camera with the lens looking out a small hole. The cloth both isolates and prevent reflections from the glass. I have covered the LED by 3-4 layers of black gaffer tape.

-- KennethLavrsen - 12 Mar 2006
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