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Image File Output Not working


I have motion configured on four servers each configured with 4 cameras. All of the cameras are configured the same and the output_normal is set to best for all of them. One of the servers is producing images, the others are not. I think it is because there is some program or library on the one and not on the others. What could this library/program be?

Thanks, Nick


Motion version: 3.1.19
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9-pre1
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: debian kernel 2.6.8

-- NickNiehoff - 26 Jul 2006


First. The version of Motion you use is totally out of date.

Second. The description you give me is not enough to even guess.

Please read the support guide line.

And please look in your syslog and run Motion (an up2date version) in setup mode so you can get some error messages to work from

-- KennethLavrsen - 26 Jul 2006

Follow Up

Sorry for the lack of details, but you were correct one server was running 3.2.4. I have upgraded all to 3.2.6 and all seems to be working. Thanks,

-- NickNiehoff - 27 Jul 2006
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