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URL for MJPEG video stream for Trendnet TV-IP201W + Digilan TV7230



i have set up 2 Trendnet TV-IP201W and 1 Abus Security Center DIGILAN TV7230.

The work normaly with the browser if i put in the several ip´s off the cameras.

My Problem is, that i want to have 1 program for using the cameras. So i checked about 10 several programs and the main problem is, that i need to know the URL to the mjpeg stream.

Example: http:///cgi-bin/video.jpg

Or look here there are a lot of url which i all tried without succes (luck).

Does anyone know this Url or how i can get them?

Support by Trendnet was not able anymore after i told them that i want to use CamUniversal. Support by Abus Security was able but i did not understand.

I searched the Forum but couldnt find somethink 4 me, except:

But it also did not help.

If would be happy if anybody has any idea 4 it!! Iam working on it since 5 days frown, sad smile

Best Greetz and thanks a lot for reading this thread!


Paste in your error messages, config settings, terminal window output etc in this text field.


Motion version: 3.2.8
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS:  

-- FlorianSchropp - 22 Aug 2007

Answer might work.

Anyway if you are using firefox you can install to sniff http request to your cameras or even use wireshark.

-- AngelCarpintero - 30 Aug 2007
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