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Motion-Video Touble


I am running the latest version of motion 3.2.9 on Linux Ubuntu, and I am trying to view video from my PVR 500 Card. When I try to use motion to get pictures out of this device the pictures come out messed up, also if I try to access the card using any other program to view video it also comes wrong.

In a nutshell

1 - I test the video from my PVR Card (before running motion) using a VLC player and it works fine.

2 - Run motion to try extract images from this same card, and even though motion seems to load and works without errors, it shows messed up images.

3 - After I close motion and try to play from the device as in (1) the images come up messed up just like they did in motion.

4 - remove and reload my drive and everything is back to normal until I run motion again.


I am at a loss as to what the cause might be, if anyone can hell me that would be great, Thanks

[0] Processing thread 0 - config file motion.conf
[0] Thread 1 is from motion.conf
[1] Thread started
[0] motion-httpd/3.2.9 running, accepting connections
[0] motion-httpd: waiting for data on port TCP 8080
[1] Openning ffmpeg video stream device: /dev/video0
[1] Found 2 ffmpeg streams.
[1] Obtained ffmpeg video_index (0).
[1] Found ffmpeg video stream codec: mpeg2video
[1] Size of image: 720 x 576 x 3/2 = 622080.
[1] Started ffmpeg stream with image size of 622080 and motionsize 414720.
[1] Started stream webcam server in port 8081
[1] File of type 8 saved to: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/cam1/01-20080127231654.avi
[1] Mysql query failed Unknown column 'event_time_stamp' in 'field list' error code 1054: Success
---Close motion
[1] Thread exiting
[0] httpd - Finishing: Success
[0] httpd Closing
[0] Motion terminating


Motion version: 3.2.9
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Linux Ubuntu

-- FrankHernandez - 28 Jan 2008

Follow Up

PVR Card support is not up to date , i did a patch against old version :

Looking your post seems you are already running motion with one of those PVR patch ...

motion-3.2.9 released + latest PVR patch ?

-- AngelCarpintero - 30 Jan 2008

Thanks for the reply.

Yes that is correct I have motion-3.2.9 released + latest PVR patch, I forgot to mention that I also applied the patch. I followed the instruction in a similar link :

Before without patch motion would simply fail to start when accesing the PVR card. After the patch was applied I was able to start motion and get an image. The problem now is that all I get is a picture like the attachement. The odd thing is that after I close motion if I try to play from the PVR using a player like VLC I get the same image I get from motion. The only way to reset it is to reload my driver.


-- FrankHernandez - 31 Jan 2008

Please try to send an email to mailing list to see how many people uses PVR and is interested in help on this issue, it's quite hard to fix an issue developing in "blind" way, even we can guess a patch if after there's no feedback about how is working ... that happened with PVR :-/

I'll update PVR patch to work with motion-3.2.9 though.

-- AngelCarpintero - 02 Feb 2008


PVR patch won't be supported unless someone with that kind of card will handle the support.

-- AngelCarpintero - 16 Jun 2008
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