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Motion auto startup


How to add motion to start motion in run level 2 ?


Motion version: 3.2.9
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Ubuntu 7.10

SOLVED myself - may go to FAQ smile

Hi, is there any way to start up Motion after bootup (runlevel 2)? tried obligatory Linux /etc/init.d and rc2.d stuff but no luck at all.

SOLUTION: /usr/local/motion-3.x.x contains init files for various distro. Just copy to /etc/init.d and update rc.d

Edit script to change user or just add user "motion" to userlist

-- OndrejVaroscak - 08 Mar 2008

Ondrej , go ahead and post you answer here , then you can create a new FAQ entry and link it.

Thanks ! smile

-- AngelCarpintero - 09 Mar 2008


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