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Picture is only saved after motion detection event


I would like to know if there is a way to immediately save a picture when motion ist detected. I set gap to 10 and output_normal to "first". It seems motion saves the first picture but only after the 10 seconds are over. The picture is save the same moment motion says "end of event".

I understand that this is the only way if output_normal is set to anything but "first". But why also when set to "first"?


Motion version:
ffmpeg version: none
Libraries: none
Server OS: Slackware Kernel 2.4.31

-- ThorstenErdmann - 06 Sep 2008


Hi Thorsten,

I think is pretty well explained in guide this behaviour :

"If you set the value to 'first' Motion saves only the first motion detected picture per event."

Same for best and center , so to save an image as soon as motion is detected and not per event use on.

-- AngelCarpintero - 07 Sep 2008
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