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Problem to connect Axis 210A to motion


I can't install V4L2, give me error (1)

i already install pwc (pwc-10.0.5-1.src.rpm).

But in the motion guide says it's not need install V4L2, because it's a network camera, and when i run motion give me error (2)

checking pwc-ioctl.h usability... no
checking pwc-ioctl.h presence... no
checking for pwc-ioctl.h... no
configure: error: 'pwc-ioctl.h missing, please install the Philips WebCam library available here:' 

[0] Processing thread 0 - config file motion.conf
[0] Unknown config option ""
[0] Motion 3.2.9 Started
[0] Thread 1 is from motion.conf
[1] Thread 1 started
[1] Failed to open video device /dev/video0: No such file or directory
[1] Capture error calling vid_start
[1] Thread finishing...


Motion version: 3.2.9
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9-0.9.20070530.el5.rf.i386
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: CentOS 5, kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5

-- PedroVilares - 06 Mar 2009


Quite strange your question :

Why you need to install V4L2 ? it's comes with kernel ... or are you getting GIT version of V4L2 tree ?

Moreover motion include already pwc-ioctl.h ... so no need to provide.

You can build motion without v4l/ v4l2 support : ./configure --without-v4l ; make ; make install

If you are running a netcam you MUST provide netcam_url value in motion.conf ... and last but not least

why are you uing a 3.2.9 ??? that's fucking old ! 3.2.11 is current stable and soon 3.3.0 will be out.

-- AngelCarpintero - 09 Mar 2009
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