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Running Motion


how to find Motion when installed through synaptic manager?
Hello sorry to bother u, i am fairly new to linux and am trying my darnest to install 
motion.  I have PCLinux OS and have all of updates.  I installed program through 
synaptic package manager and cannot run program let alone find it. 
 I have read through abunch of faqs and googles but still cannot launch '"make"  
motion and like i said do not know where it was installed to.  So i was hoping to 
be pointed in right direction.  I also do not know what else i s needed for '-c' any
 commands would be great thanks.  


Motion version: 3.2.11
ffmpeg version: 0.5-3pclos2009
Libraries: ffmpeg, postgresql
-- JasonPiersall - 19 Jun 2009


- Read here :

- In command line type this command : whereis motion

- The executable must be in /usr/local/bin/ . The config file must be in /usr/local/etc/ . A better alternative is to install from source files the latest version of Motion.


If Motion was invoked with command line option -c pathname Motion will expect the config file to be as specified. When you specify the config file on the command line with -c you can call it anything.

If you do not specify -c or the filename you give Motion does not exist, Motion will search for the configuration file called 'motion.conf' in the following order:

1. Current directory from where motion was invoked

2. Then in a directory called '.motion' in the current users home directory (shell environment variable $HOME). E.g. /home/goofy/.motion/motion.conf

3. The directory defined by the --sysconfdir=DIR when running .configure during installation of Motion (If this option was not defined the default is /usr/local/etc/) If you have write access to /usr/local/etc then the editor recommends having only one motion.conf file in the default /usr/local/etc/ directory.

Motion has a configuration file in the distribution package called motion-dist.conf. When you run 'make install' this file gets copied to the /usr/local/etc directory.

The configuration file needs to be renamed from motion-dist.conf to motion.conf. The original file is called motion-dist.conf so that your perfectly working motion.conf file does not accidentally get overwritten when you re-install or upgrade to a newer version of Motion.


-- FlorinAnton - 19 Jun 2009
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