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How to config motion to use ipCams


Hi, I've read all the docs and pages that I found on intenrnet and it was imposible to me to do motion works.

My fist question is: In VideoDevice if I only use ipCams what do I have to put?? Or I have to coment this line and use directly the netcam configuration line???

I've try putting this in thread1.conf because I want to view the cams through kmotion and it needs the threads configs. I hope that you can help me, Thanks a lot.

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Motion version:
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Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
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-- PabloFernandez - 10 Nov 2009


Hi Pablo,

To setup motion to work with Network cameras / IpCams you need to use the config option netcam_url :

forget about VideoDevice option , netcam_url overwrite it.

Probably also netcam_userpass if you camera needs auth:

You can also look at working device list :


-- AngelCarpintero - 15 Nov 2009
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