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Green Output from USB Capture on Sheevaplug


Motion is running but just outputting a green image with the time stamp in the bottom right.

My usb capture device is using the em28xx capture driver -

The card has an S-video and Composite In plus RCA Audio inputs

The card supports 720 x 576 PAL

I have tried different resolutions, inputs, and palettes but with no success - always green or with some palettes black.

Same USB device works with VLC on Win7, but I really want to use this with the sheevaplug as it will be on 24/7 recording a nestbox.

Here is the output when motion is run with the following command

sudo LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ motion:
[0] Processing thread 0 - config file /etc/motion/motion.conf
[0] Motion Started
[0] Thread 1 is from /etc/motion/motion.conf
[0] motion-httpd/ running, accepting connections
[0] motion-httpd: waiting for data on port TCP 8090
[1] Thread 1 started
[1] cap.driver: "em28xx"
[1] cap.card: "EM2860/SAA711X Reference Design"
[1] cap.bus_info: "usb-orion-ehci.0-1"
[1] cap.capabilities=0x05000051
[1] Supported palettes:
[1] 0: YUYV (16 bpp YUY2, 4:2:2, packed)
[1] Selected palette YUYV
[1] index_format 6 Test palette YUYV (720x576)
[1] Using palette YUYV (720x576) bytesperlines 1440 sizeimage 829440 colorspace                        00000001
[1] found control 0x00980900, "Brightness", range 0,255
[1]     "Brightness", default 128, current 128
[1] found control 0x00980901, "Contrast", range 0,127
[1]     "Contrast", default 64, current 64
[1] found control 0x00980902, "Saturation", range 0,127
[1]     "Saturation", default 64, current 64
[1] found control 0x00980903, "Hue", range -128,127
[1]     "Hue", default 0, current 0
[1] mmap information:
[1] frames=4
[1] 0 length=829440
[1] 1 length=829440
[1] 2 length=829440
[1] 3 length=829440
[1] Using V4L2
[1] Resizing pre_capture buffer to 1 items
[1] Started stream webcam server in port 8091


Motion version:
ffmpeg version: 4:0.5+svn20100
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Debian, ARM,

-- JohnCrake - 10 May 2010

Follow Up

Did you try to capture with any other application ( e.g. xawtv ) ?

You can try to reproduce with 3.2.12 ( not yet release ) :

mkdir motion
cd motion
svn co .

-- AngelCarpintero - 15 May 2010

Thanks for the help - yes tried xawtv, vlc and mplayer all produce the green screen / black screen

As a test I setup Jaunty on the laptop (intel) and was able to get motion working successfully.

I then setup Jaunty on the sheevaplug (arm) but got the same black/green screen?

Is this specific to the Arm processor or to the fact the sheevaplug is headless?

I have tried 3.2.12 and unfortunately I get the same results - green screen with date and time on the bottom right


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