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Can I update the same image file somehow?


Is it possible to update the same(!) image file by snapshot somehow? i.e. /home/user/Images/test1.jpg

Something like:

avconv -i rtsp://admin:12345@ -f image2 -r 1 /home/nuc/Bilder/img.jpg

(which unfortunately doesn't work for the second frame.)

Paste in your error messages, config settings, terminal window output etc in this text field.


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Ubuntu 14.04
-- AnastasiusNadelholz - 03 Sep 2014


Not sure if I get the question correctly. Do you want snapshot to be overwtitten and always saved to the same filename?

If so, set this config param:
snapshot_filename lastsnap

This way you snapshot will be always called lastsnap.jpg
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