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RTSP motion.conf syntax


I have the current trunk which supports RTSP, but I haven't been able to interface with my RSTP IP Cam. In motion.conf I'm using

netcam_url rtsp://

which throws the following error (at this time the ip cam does not have a password):

[1] [CRT] [NET] netcam_start: Invalid netcam_url (rtsp://

Am I close on the syntax, or is it suppose to be something completely different?


Motion version: current trunk (10/20/14)
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS:  
-- AliceAnder - 21 Oct 2014


That format looks like it would work so you are probably really close. Unfortunately, every camera seems to have its own particular nuances of how to grab the steam that you'll have to find in the manual, manufacturer website or other users. I've seen variations like rtsp:// or rtsp:// If you want, you can also use VLC, avplay or ffplay. The syntax for those applications is the same as what motion wants on the config line.

-- MrDave

URL syntaxis is wrong. The "?" symbol must come prior HTTP params, like this: rtsp://server/?para1=val1&param2=val2. So the valid URL looks like this:

netcam_url rtsp://

-- TosiaraT - 14 Mar 2015
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