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How to make multiple views af streaming webcams (Raspberry Pi cam)


Hello Motion support

With a little tributaries, has managed to set up the Motion on the new Raspberry Pi 2, which have more resources to deal with than the older model B +, and the function very well.

The record fine video clips when there is motion in the picture, make snapshots every hour of the day, and I can see what the camera sees on a stream in a Google Chrome browser. http: // myipadress: 8081

With this setup, it is desirable to be able to expand with multiple cameras to 4 or 9 as can be seen in a single window (Browser or direct screen output).

Have tried googling for a solution but no luck, maybe someone here has knowledge of how to view 4 or 9 cameras on a single screen with a Linux or Windows PC (Windows, I have the most experience in using).

It could be a thought that another Raspberry Pi could receive and display multiple streams on a connect HDMI display, but doubts it has enough resources.

Could use a Parralella?

It looks like what I want, but is perhaps a little too high for a green linux user. I have no knowledge and linux experienced enough to handle such a project, but if someone could help me on the way, I dared well throw myself over it.

Are there other, more accessible alternatives?

It seems that there are thousands of users of Raspberry Pi video surveillance solutions, therefore, a solution could have broad interest.

I realize that my question was not directly related to Motion to do, but still hope that it will be accepted as related.
Paste in your error messages, config settings, terminal window output etc in this text field.


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version:  
Server OS: Raspbian
-- SuneBielefeldt - 11 Mar 2015


Answered in FAQ:

The best way to view multiple MJPEG streams on a single screen is to host an HTML file and create IMG containers for every stream, like this:
<body bgcolor=000000>
<img src= border="0" height=49%></a>
<img src= border="0" height=49%></a>
<img src= border="0" height=49%></a>

-- TosiaraT - 12 Apr 2015
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