Application - Coordinate Meeting Date

How to coordinate a suitable date for a meeting

Using System,EditTablePlugin and SmiliesPlugin in combination to coordinate best meeting time between members of a team.

(see the raw-text for hidden variable definitions)

When editing the table you have the following choices:
  • (blank) = Haven't answered yet (or I don't have an answer yet for this date)
  • Y = I can participate
  • N = I can not participate

Date Time Note Bob Sue Joe Alice Ben Chris Peter   Room Video   OK
2005/12/15 11:30 With lunch Y Y Y N Y Y Y   Y Y   8
2005/12/16 9:00 Bring coffee N N Y N Y Y N   Y N   4
2005/12/19 15:00   Y Y Y Y N Y Y   Y Y   8

Suggested & Needed improvements or ideas for local hacks

  • Obviously the sum formula and the choice list can be defined web or sitewise. (not done here for obvious reasons)
  • EditTablePlugin supports getting its entire definition from a different page, so if you frequently plan meetings for the same group, just use this feature.
  • It would be lovely to have an easier way to "start" this table for e.g. n number of users. Maybe SpreadSheetPlugin can come to the rescue again?
  • Allowing the table to have editable headers would make it easier to change the participants (but not the number of participants.
  • The annoying thing here is that the header-definition and the format-definition have to match exactly, which can be a drag (and mess) with non-experts trying to modify the table (add or remove participants)
  • Ideally this could be changed to a dedicated plugin obviously allowing for "automagic" setup for a specified group.
  • It would be very nice to have a way to "freeze" the list at a certain time (i.e. when choosing the best date) without having to delete and "loose" the remaining rows (which would still be very usefull for an emergency rescheduling.

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