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Test Project Support

The Test Project TWiki Support pages are here for you if you have a technical question or any question about the use of Test Project. Test Project is free software and does not include support, so please do not contact the developers directly if you have installation questions. This support web is for Test Project users by Test Project users. Developers are monitoring this web but do not necessarily answer all questions.

Note that if you have questions about Linux, Windows, Special Uses of Test Project etc you probably have a better chance getting an answer by joining and asking the MailingList.

Ask a Support Question:

Before you ask a question, please check:

  • Questions already answered
    • AnsweredQuestions lists questions that are already answered.
      (Use WebSearch to find answers to your question that are already written - faster than waiting for a new answer!)

  • How to ask a new question
    • Each question is a wiki topic - please ask a new question in a new topic, rather than adding to a current one where it can get lost.
    • Please read the SupportGuidelines now so that you know what information to include, helping you get a quick and useful answer - filling in this form is not enough for installation problems
    • You need username and password to edit pages - please create your own account in UserRegistration.
    • ALERT! Once you submit the form below you are taken to the new support topic in edit mode where you have the chance to write more information. You need to save this page to really create the support topic.
    • After the topic is created you can edit it again as often as you want and you can attach files (e.g. your config files) to the topic.
    • In case you find the answer by yourself after submitting a question: We would appreciate if you could document this here in your question and set the SupportStatus to AnsweredQuestions. That way you help making the Support web self-organized and more useful.
    • ALERT! Foswiki will not make line breaks unless there is an empty line. If you copy and paste config file text or error text into the support question topic it looks awful and unreadable. To fix this put your text between a line that says <verbatim> and one that says </verbatim>. The default text already have these tags. Paste in your text between these verbatim tags.

      Topic name: SupportQuestion2024x06x24x022445
      Title Short Title
      Verbatim Text:
      Note: Be descriptive; the SupportGuidelines tell you what to include. You can expand on it in the next screen if necessary
      Test Project version: Example: 1.10
      Libraries installed: Names of essential libraries
      Server OS: Fedora Core 9, kernel 2.6.12, Windows XP
      Submitted By Write your WikiName prefixed by 'Main.'
        Note: Question is submitted after you Create and Save the following page

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