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To get ACTi cameras working you need the latest firmware for the camera.

Use the value in motion.conf: netcam_url

replacing the IP with the IP of your camera.

-- DavidLeeming - 17 Jul 2010

Also, the device's internal settings should be set to MJPEG, and the B2 Header (and in my case, the audio-in) should be disabled.(Tested ACTi ACM-3311 @ 720x480). Until I disabled the B2 header I was getting a "Could not decompress" error from Motion.

-DuffyWeber 15 Aug. 2012

I have an ACTi E32 camera, I am trying to use netcam_url

In my motion log I'm getting:

[1] [ALR] [NET] [Feb 22 19:05:50] netcam_start: Network Camera thread starting... for url (
[1] [CRT] [NET] [Feb 22 19:05:50] netcam_start: libjpeg decompression failure on first frame - giving up!

If I try to get the data with curl, It looks like this:

Content-Type: image/jpeg
Content-Length: 42903


If I play this file with mplayer or VLC it plays fine and show MJPG as the codec type.

Any ideas?

-- RomanGaufman - 22 Feb 2013

Faced with same. Can't play video from ACTI E22 in browser also. Something wrong with ACTI camera stream.

-- DmitryTsarev - 06 Oct 2015
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