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BUG: memory leak

great job you´re doing here. respect! though i have problems w/ my installation.

SUSE Linux 2.6.9 #3 Sun Nov 14 17:17:40 CET 2004 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
gcc version 3.3.4 (pre 3.3.5 20040809)

top output:
14158 chris     15   0  486m 171m  38m S  0.0 34.4   0:00.01 motion
14158 chris     16   0  486m 256m  38m S  0.0 51.4   0:00.01 motion
14158 chris     15   0  486m 305m  38m S  0.0 61.1   0:00.01 motion

Test case


Motion version: 3.1.17
Shared libraries: curl, xmlrpc
Server OS: SUSE Linux 2.6.9

-- ChrisSchleiermacher - 20 Nov 2004

Follow up

This is not something I have seen like this. Can you give some more background?

Can you also attach your motion.conf to this topic?

-- KennethLavrsen - 20 Nov 2004

Follow up

I downloaded the latest snapshot and the memory problem does not occur there. I think we should mark this bug as resolved. thanks Chris

-- ChrisSchleiermacher - 26 Nov 2004

Fix record

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