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BUG: segfault in pthread_getspecific() on musl based system

It seems that during init, pthread_getspecific( tls_key_threadnr ); is being called before the call to pthread_key_create(). On glibc I think getspecific is more forgiving than on musl, which according to the manpage this is undefined behaviour. See below for BT
#0  __pthread_getspecific (k=0) at src/thread/pthread_getspecific.c:8
#1  0x0000bcd0 in motion_log (level=level@entry=6, errno_flag=errno_flag@entry=0, fmt=0x26124 "Processing thread 0 - config file %s") at motion.c:2758
#2  0x0000fee8 in conf_load (cnt=0x60ca0) at conf.c:1676
#3  0x0000c71c in cntlist_create (argv=0xbefff4b4, argc=1) at motion.c:2061
#4  motion_startup (daemonize=daemonize@entry=1, argc=1, argc@entry=276, argv=0xbefff4b4, argv@entry=0xda00 <motion_loop+3876>) at motion.c:2115
#5  0x0000ab7c in main (argc=276, argv=0xda00 <motion_loop+3876>) at motion.c:2270


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version: na
Shared libraries: v4l2
Server OS: gentoo armv6j-hardfloat-linux-musleabi (rpi)
-- DaveFlogeras - 30 Sep 2015

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SubmittedBy WikiGuest
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