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CCTV View is a Google Chrome extension that adds a button on the toolbar. Clicking this button displays up to 20 cctv streams (or still images) in a popup window.

Detailed Description

This extension allows you to define up to 20 cctv or webcam urls which are displayed in a tabbed popup. 4 cam feeds are shown per tab. Every time the toolbar button is clicked it will show an updated version of the image, if the images are streaming jpg then it will update while the popup is open. It also provides a full page view, again with a tabbed view of 4 feeds per tab.

Attached Files

The extension is hosted on the google webstore (don't worry, it's free):

The extension home page can be found here:


The extensions works in chrome/chromium on all platforms, just click the install button on the webstore page.

Once installed, clicking the camera button on your chrome toolbar will take you to the options page. for the most basic setup you will only need the url to a camera image. it supports streaming images like Motion uses.

To setup; enter the url and port to your cameras, if you have multiple cameras configured in Motion your image urls will look something like this:


Comments and Bug Reports

Let me know of any issues or feature request on the talk page on my wiki.

Awesome job !

Thanks smile

To use motion with basic auth , use this url pattern :


-- AngelCarpintero - 08 Dec 2011

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