Motion - Config Range Checking Discussion

Config Range Checking Discussion

This topic is created to make an overview of config options and their range, valid values and defaults

Config Options - type, range/valid values - defaults

Option Type Range Default
[auto_brightness Boolean   off
brightness Integer   0
contrast Integer   0
control_html_output Boolean   on
control_localhost Boolean   on
control_port Integer   0
daemon Boolean   off
despeckle String EedDl (and other combinations of E, e, d and D and optionally ending with l). Not defined
debug_parameter Integer   0
ffmpeg_bps Integer   400000
ffmpeg_cap_new Boolean   off
ffmpeg_cap_motion Boolean   off
ffmpeg_filename String   %Y%m%d%H%M%S
ffmpeg_timelapse_mode Discrete Strings hourly
ffmpeg_timelapse Integer   0
ffmpeg_variable_bitrate Integer    
ffmpeg_video_codec Discrete Strings    
framerate Integer    
frequency Integer    
gap Integer    
height Integer    
hue Integer    
input Integer    
jpeg_filename String    
lightswitch Integer    
locate Discrete Strings    
low_cpu Integer    
mask_file String    
max_mpeg_time Integer    
minimum_gap Integer    
minimum_motion_frames Integer    
motion_video_pipe String    
mysql_db String    
mysql_host String    
mysql_user String    
mysql_password String    
netcam_url String    
netcam_userpass String user:pass  
night_compensate Boolean    
noise_level Integer    
noise_tune Boolean    
norm Discrete Strings 0
Why not names?
on_event_end String    
on_event_start String    
on_motion_detected String    
on_movie_end String    
on_movie_start String    
on_picture_save String    
output_all Boolean    
output_motion Boolean    
output_normal Discrete Strings    
pgsql_db String    
pgsql_host String    
pgsql_user String    
pgsql_password String    
pgsql_port Integer    
post_capture Integer    
ppm Boolean    
pre_capture Integer    
quality Integer    
quiet Boolean    
rotate Discrete Strings 0
roundrobin_frames Integer    
roundrobin_skip Integer    
saturation Integer    
setup_mode Boolean    
smart_mask_speed Integer    
snapshot_filename String    
snapshot_interval Integer    
sql_log_image Boolean    
sql_log_snapshot Boolean    
sql_log_mpeg Boolean    
sql_log_timelapse Boolean    
switchfilter Boolean    
target_dir String    
text_changes Boolean    
text_left String    
text_right String    
thread String    
threshold Integer    
threshold_tune Boolean    
timelapse_filename String    
track_type number Discrete Strings    
track_iomojo_id Integer    
track_maxx Integer    
track_motorx Integer    
track_port Integer    
track_speed Integer    
track_stepsize Integer    
tunerdevice String    
videodevice String    
video_pipe String    
webcam_limit Integer    
webcam_localhost Boolean    
webcam_maxrate Integer    
webcam_motion Boolean    
webcam_port Integer    
webcam_quality Integer    
width Integer    

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