Motion - Error Logging Enhancement Patch

Enhanced error / information / debug message logging


Throughout the different source modules, the logging of messages has quite a lot of different implementations. The purpose of this patch is to create a "standard" method to be used throughout.

Description of Patch

The initial version (Version 1.0) of this patch includes a small function, "motion_log", added to motion.c; a function prototype added to motion.h; and changes to the modules netcam.c, netcam_jpeg.c and video.c to replace all existing messages with calls to this new function. Once this much has been tested, subsequent versions of the patch (coming soon) will implement similar changes to the remaining source modules.

Installation of Patch

  • Already included in motion-3.2.2_snap10

Change History of Patch

  • motion-3.2.2-motion_log v1.0 , 03 August 2005
    • Populate the motion_log to the whole motion source code.
    • Fixed FreeBSD copilation.
    • Added the posiblity to pass NULL as struct context *
    • Removed unused errno variables.
  • motion-3.2.2-motion_log v1.1 , 03 August 2005
    • Fixed errno in rotate.c , set to 0.
  • motion-3.2.2-motion_log v1.2 , 04 August 2005
    • Fixed some errno flags in webhttpd.c and motion.c
    • Fixed a bug when not motion.conf is found
  • motion-3.2.2-motion_log v1.3 , 04 August 2005
    • Removed printf from all files
    • Fixed the conf_list[] index in motion.c

Discussion and Comments

v 1.3 of this patch Integrated into 3.2.2_snap10

-- KennethLavrsen - 05 Aug 2005
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