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Feature Request: External Command on End of Event


We have an external command option when an event is started. Would be usefull to have the same when an event ends. Something like 'oneventend'.

-- JoergWeber - 17 Mar 2005

Follow up

Some more thoughts - When implementing the new option, we should rename the onxxx commands to make them easier to understand and remember. Also a redesign of the mail and sms function may be a good idea (Someone has already requested to make the mail interface more flexible).
Another big issue is the way, scripts are started. A bug has been filed here, saying that we need to close more files before exectuting scripts.

Looks like some bigger project - not just a quick hack.

-- JoergWeber - 21 Mar 2005


Agree. Feature accepted -- KennethLavrsen - 17 Mar 2005

Patch uploaded by Joerg. OnXxxCommandsPatch

-- KennethLavrsen - 31 Mar 2005
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