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Feature Request: Support for the VS-400 Video Switcher


There is a serially controlled 4 port video switcher (called a VS-400) that was packaged with the iVista software that lets one video capture card monitor 4 cameras by time slicing the video feeds. It would be really great if I could dump Windows and iVista and go with Linux. I am not much help in the programming department, but I could catpure the serial data that is being sent to the switcher and help test the software if someone is willing to write it.

-- GlennPipe - 17 Feb 2005

Transferred here -- KennethLavrsen - 31 Mar 2005

Follow up


More generically, it might be good to extend roundrobin support to be able to trigger an external command when it wants to switch inputs. This would allow someone the flexibility of running a command to change switchbox ports or a command to change the channel of a tv tuner.

-- TWikiGuest - 30 Jun 2005
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