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Feature Request: Motion Output in the WebCam stream


The option "output_motion" permits to see what is changed into a picture. This function works only to produce MPEG or JPEG files, but does not impact the webcam stream. I would like to have the possibility to see this picture in the WebCam stream.

Background: I'm actually starting to extend XMotion to support the interactive tuning. This consist of a webcam viewer which shows the actual frame, and a set of buttons which permits to adjust the threshold, noise_level... The actual output shows only the normal view with the number of pixel which changes (text_changes option) and the location (locate option). The possibility to switch the view to see this green picture would be usefull to tune Motion.

-- SebastienFricker - 16 Jan 2005

Transferred here -- KennethLavrsen - 31 Mar 2005

Follow up

There is a planned feature called setup_mode on my todo list that will help setting up motion during installation and finetune it during operation. I will probably start this with the new 3.2 train coming soon. (See SetupModeDiscussion)

-- JoergWeber - 16 Jan 2005

If this will work as the actual WebCam interface it will be fine for me.

-- SebastienFricker - 16 Jan 2005

This is now implemented as the new setup mode feature. First beta in 3.2.1_snap5.

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Mar 2005


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