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Feature Request: Logging of mpeg size in bytes/length in secs to SQL database


This would be very handy to have when browsing the database later on, eg. users could use a web-based search system to search only on files of a certain length etc. It is possible to get this info from files at the time of the search, but for motion systems which write lots of mpegs (or keep many mpegs on disk) this quickly becomes resource hungry.

-- LukeRosenthal - 30 Dec 2004

Transferred here

-- KennethLavrsen - 31 Mar 2005

Follow up

I will not put priority on this. Motion is already too busy when detecting motion and this would add extra load and not significant value. I'd rather have one more frame captured from each camera than having this information stored. I personally make my website based only on the files and using no database for it and maybe this is in fact more effective for you also. If many ask for it I may change my mind. Problem is when you save mpegs they are incrementally written to disk. And when the event is over the file is closed. Then Motion would have query the filesystem to get this information. You could also create an onffmpegclose script that does this for you.

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Mar 2005


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TopicTitle Logging of mpeg size in bytes/length in secs to SQL database
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SubmittedBy LukeRosenthal
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