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Feature Request: Choose between getting jpeg or mjpeg on webcam port


Kenneth, I have found some situations where MJPEG streaming is not practical or just cannot be implemented. The output_all and snapshot_interval do not really help. I would like to propose a solution thus:

A simple http protocol (possibly built or added to the current http control protocol to allow reception of the current image buffer for a device. For example


Returns image.jpeg (http GET /someimage.jpeg Not the HTML IMG TAG)

This would be a great help. What do you think ?

-- RobertH - 02 May 2005

Follow up

I agree that such a feature would be nice to have and I support the idea. In fact I have proposed it myself recently.

But I give it low priority because there is already a related project with which you can do exactly what you request and we have more urgent features on the roadmap and still an unstable netcam feature.

See MjpegProxyGrab. In this case it is the grab tool you want.

-- KennethLavrsen - 02 May 2005


Kenneth. Thanks for the update. The rational I have for my request however precludes installing a web server to service cgi-requests. Maybe sometime in the future this could be considered as an important feature once stability has been reached.

Thanks again

-- RobertH - 06 May 2005

If this gets implemented then I want the webcam port to be able to provide either a single jpeg frame and close the socket or the mjpeg stream. And I would then rather propose http://xxxxx:80XX/jpeg and http://xxxxx:8080/mjpeg like we know it from Axis. I would not want to add the quality in the URL. Admins using Motion will not want the client user to decide the load on a line. So webcam jpeg quality settings etc will still only be in motion.conf.

I put this as accepted but low priority and not yet on roadmap. I renamed the request according to my decision above.

-- KennethLavrsen - 24 Jun 2005

I would like to second this request.

It would be nice to support both MJPEG on one port and JPEG on another. Currently I use PHP code based on discussions on this site to strip JPEGs form the MJPEG Stream.

I like to provide a pure HTML5 web page that requires no plugins(except Java of course).

-- JohnBadger - 25 Oct 2013

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