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Feature Request: Sound recording feature


Ability to record sound with motion video and recording activation when detecting sound.

-- OlegKhudyakov - 07 May 2005

Follow up

In the topic UserFeedback TerryRiggins wrote this - 30 Jan 2005


Just wanted to let people know I've just finished writing a very simple perl script which interfaces with sound-recorder. Basically you put it in both the execute section and the onffmpegclose section of the conf file and it'll record audio to match the video file, assuming you've got a mic hooked up somewhere. It's got one or two bugs currently, but I'll be working on those.

Catch me on my email if anyone is interested.

-- TerryRiggins - 30 Jan 2005


Motion cannot record sound and it would be difficult to implement because Motion can store jpegs, mpegs, precapture, postcapture, store only Motion, timelapse mpegs etc. And in slow or fast framerates and with parallel cameras.

Just try to think of all these combinations and then try specifying how to records sound. How to get this sound in sync.

The practical approach is to let one of the onxxxx features start a recorder program which you setup for the right purpose.

External triggering of Motion is something I consider adding to the http control API.

-- KennethLavrsen - 08 May 2005


I think it'll be good if motion could record sound only in one mode when recording in mpeg4 from only one camera. I think it is widespread configuration.

-- OlegKhudyakov - 10 May 2005

But what when you for example have post_capture at 0 or maybe just 20 and your motion detection often happens in small bites? That is how things work in my installation. The sound in this case would be of no use. It will be chopped to pieces. You could only use a sound recording in very specific opererating modes.

Often you have many cameras but only one microphone. How should this be handled?

The way Motion works is will lower the framerate when many cameras detects Motion simultaneously. It may just be a drop from 15 to 5-10. The reason being that the cpu load gets too high. Then how would we keep the sound in sync?

The best is to let the on_movie_start feature start a taylored sound recording feature and perhaps let the on_movie_end stop it and merge the sound with any saved mpegs. Or maybe store the sound on a database.

5 cameras in a shop and one microphone can then be combined by the viewer software which plays the mpegs and plays the sound with the same timestamp. Not in 100% sync but in a security application where framerates are typically 2-5 this is probably OK.

-- KennethLavrsen - 10 May 2005

May be include sound recording script (for example by TerryRiggins) in distribution and describe it in documentation ? I think it helps for me and others who want record sound with mpeg4 clip.

-- OlegKhudyakov - 10 May 2005

Such scripts should be added to the collection of (motion) related projects. RelatedProjects

That is where I encourage people to put them and to look for them. And improve on them and upload the improved programs for others to share.

-- KennethLavrsen - 10 May 2005

1. about faster frame rate: why not to disallow sound recording when using unreal frame rate? 2. why not to record audio only when motion detected? I mean uninterruptible audio capturing, but using only that pieces if captured audio that correspond to recorded mpeg video. This will guarantee synchronisation. okay, it may gain some delay, but not so much as I think.

-- WikiName - 29 Feb 2012
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