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Feature Request: Longer polling interval for netcams (modified low_cpu?)


It would be nice to sample netcams at much lower rates when motion is not detected. I was looking to low_cpu to do this, but it's oriented to 'frames per second' not seconds per frame (or more properly - seconds between samples) I'm delighted that Motion even deals with netcams, but would politely request this in order to be nicer to network traffic, it's a different situation than a locally attached device. Thanks and regards! -Dave

-- TWikiGuest - 26 May 2005

Follow up


It is extremely difficult to implement in Motion. The entire architecture of Motion assumes that the motion_loop cycles at least once per second. It is a complete rewrite to get the framerate further down.

Motion detection with such a low framerate is not going to work well and this is what Motion is made for though it has other features.

You are probably better off using another program than Motion OR you can makea small application that fetch a frame to your local webserver and let Motion read this image instead.

-- KennethLavrsen - 05 Jul 2005

Thanks Doctor Lavrsen! Not sure I believe lower framerate would hinder motion detection, but I like the idea of simply having something else do the sampling. All I have to do is figure out how to kick back into high speed when motion is detected and I'll have it made. Thanks for the cool gadget! --Dave

-- TWikiGuest - 31 Jul 2005

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