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Feature Request: features to webcam server


we could use ?var=value from HTTP protocol to set some interesting things like grab=1 could grab just one picture and close connection fps=30 mjpeg could go up to 30fps (less server limit) size=blablaxbalba resize jpeg (here cpu usage would be veeery big...)

fps is very interesting for network cause on some browsers 30 fps is very high and picture don't appear cause we don't have time to paint it and process the next image

-- RobertoSpadim - 27 May 2005

Follow up

First webcam jpeg-push is implemented as a addon for motion and its goal is to be simple and "fast" . So over my point of view it doesn't need to support any option. All the features that you are requesting are available in motion :

1-. grab=1 -> You can use the http control interface to capture a snapshot . ( So why duplicate it in webcam ?! )

2-. fps=30 -> You can use webcam_limit and webcam_maxrate options , also from http control interface .

3-. size -> resize the jpeg will use too much CPU , so won't be implemented in motion ( look at point 1 ).

You can always use a vloopback device and attach any streaming application to do what you want .

-- AngelCarpintero - 27 May 2005


The single frame request is already covered by two other change requests.

The setting of size and fps via URL is not acceptable to most webcam owners since they want to have control of how much bandwidth the stream uses and this should be the admin only that can do that. In this case via the authenticated and probably also firewall controlled http control feature.

-- KennethLavrsen - 05 Jul 2005
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